Children of a Dead Earth will release on Steam on Sept 23rd!

Mark your calendars! Children of a Dead Earth launches on Steam on September 23rd, 2016 at 9am PDT!

Also, in case you missed the latest gameplay trailer, here it is:

13 thoughts on “Children of a Dead Earth will release on Steam on Sept 23rd!

  1. (My English is not good )

    I have a question for you ,
    does the game supports
    liquefying or vaporization when matarial
    reaches it’s melting point or boiling point? (or even turns to plasma when reaches ionizing temperature)

    I mean does it actually flows like water when it is melted?


    1. Melting and boiling points are modeled in game. However, fluids in space tend to not flow anywhere unless a heavy force is applied and generally either solidify quickly by radiating heat, or if heat is being applied, vaporize or ionize. As a result, solids and gases/plasmas are primarily what is modeled in game.

      For example, when a laser hits an armor plate, if it only applies enough energy to melt the material, the material will solidify quickly after the energy radiates away and conducts away to surrounding armor. But if enough energy is applied though, it will vaporize and ionize, ejecting outwards from the armor radially.


      1. Keep us updated. It looks wonderful, and I look forward to it being released on a different platform. I suspect that GOG is the only real alternative at this point, but I’m sure that we’ll see everything work out.


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